Buying a Home: Why You Need a Real Estate Attorney

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Buying a Home: Why You Need a Real Estate Attorney

When I bought my first home, I basically signed whatever was placed in front of me. The idea of becoming a homeowner overshadowed any concerns that I might have. Besides, the agent seemed to know just what needed to be done. It was only later that I learned there was some confusion about the location of the property lines. Two years and several thousand dollars later, I finally got things straightened out. When I bought my second home, you can bet that I had a real estate attorney by my side. Everything was checked and double-checked before I signed anything If you are thinking about buying a home, take nothing for granted. Let me tell you more about my experience and why you need your own legal counsel. In the long run, you'll save a lot of time and trouble.

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Buying A Waterfront Property

Buying a waterfront property can give you a great deal of freedom and recreation from the comfort of home There is nothing like watching the sun go down over the water, or jumping out into the water fo a swim. However, buying a waterfront property can be a little bit challenging. You want to have the purchasing process go as smoothly as possible. There is nothing worse than to be going through the home buying process and run into a problem. Here are a few different things to remember when you are going through the process of buying a waterfront house:

Credit And Lender

The first thing that you should get squared away with is your credit and your loan. The first thing that you should do, months in advance of buying a home is to ensure your credit is in a position to allow you to qualify for a home. Your credit can affect whether or not you get the loan, but also what type of interest rate that you qualify for. If you find you need help on your credit, there are credit repair companies. Once your credit is in line, check with a lender for a pre-qualification notice. You can pre-qualify for a mortgage simply by talking with the lender. They will need your past two tax forms, pay stubs from a few years back, and your credit score The result is a pre-qualification that gives you a number. This narrows your search for a home and ensures that you won't go after a home that you won't qualify for. 

Real Estate Agents

You will want to work with a real estate agent to find the perfect waterfront home for you and your family. The reason that you want to work with a real estate agent is that they can help you through the process. Whether it is putting in an offer and sending the earnest money in the mail, or actually negotiating price. 


You should be aware that on a waterfront property your taxes and your insurance will most likely be much higher. You do not want this expense to come as a surprise. The water makes your home more of a risk to live in, but if you look in advance for the best insurance prices on waterfront property you will know what you are getting into. Do not be caught off guard by the increased fees associated with your home.